1. The No.1 reason is that I can make a financial freedom through Forex where my skills and passion can be used at maximum unlike my previous job that only copy pasting pics in the office for a report and low salary only 300 dollars a month and no increase even a long period of time.

  2. I start trade becose i want change my life and be rich 🙂 But after few years not this is not only for money i start like be all time on news and know what happend this day.Every day is difrent and never will be that same and i realy like this on market right now.

  3. Hi Karen, thk you so much for delivering good and thoroughly honest videos to wanna-be traders such as myself.

    I have been learning daily to trade with demo acc as well as getting my hands on great educational materials.

    Hope to see more great videos from you ! God bless

  4. Hello Karen, I really love your videos and I learn a lot from you. I'm really inspired by you.

    I just want to request that you should please try to put a subtitle in your videos.

    Thanks and Regards. Much love.

  5. I trade forex comfortably. First, I create my own system. And then I analyze the markets with weekly and daily timeframe. I check supports and resistances. Then if my system tells me to enter, then I do it. If my system tells me to wait, then I wait patiently or I set pending orders. I set stop losses and tp with 1:3 with a risk of 1-2% per trade with only 3 trades max. a week. And then, when all is set, I can do what I wanna do. That's trading, let the money do the work for you.

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