1. After watching some of your analysis vedios, I want to know that, are you only analysing the market or take a trade on your account as well,?
    I'm waiting for your kind response, and some of your proof…
    Because whom analysing the market, they don't trade themselves,,,
    Because a good trader may be a good analyist, but a good analyist is not be a good trader…

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  3. I make good money by following this video since the very 1st day of my subscription,,,,,now your sentiments of brexit tha British pound will go down? just askin,,,,when uncle Boris win the election GBPUSD go higher that destroyed the hair of BOJO.

  4. How is it possible that you say "this is the next move" and it is true ! I have been watching these videos for some time and I made profits from the last EU down move and USDCAD up move. I hope I make more profits to join the next class. Thank you !

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