1. Seems like this channel is devoted to gunning down the technical traders. Stay in your lane, do what you do best and let the rest be! Stop trying to prove that fundamentals are a "better way" to trade. I love this channel but I use both technicals and fundamentals. Both have merits, don't turn the channel into a "fundamentals are better than technicals" channel.

  2. The content is Good,Also I think there is A mis understanding,Fundamentals cause a change in Volume, Succesful Technical Traders Make Use of Volume Variation and Order Flow. So It's Kind of the Same.

  3. Sorry friend, i need to correct. Most of the news has nothing to do with forex, it's buyers VS sellers and the strongest trend wins as usually. GBP/USD quote started 40 years ago when traders (bankers) were drawing charts with pencils. All i know, GBP is the most volatile earning monster that will smash any currency during Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New York session.

  4. Best strategy. Don't follow the crowd. Don't listen to the news to trade. Don't play into the big banks hand. Occasionally the banks will let you win just to keep up appearances but don't be fooled. When the majority is going long, go short and vice versa.

  5. I didn't take the trade and the reason why was because the GBP had already climbed massively before the election result breaking recent highs over the 1.32 area, so I had a fear that the currency was already overbought and that the Tory win was already priced in. The opinion polls had been going since the last couple of weeks and everyone had the Tories up.

    Trading off sentiment has also burned me in the past also, as I've seen 300 pip moves downwards when the sentiment should clearly be upwards and then the market decides to pullback in the correct direction 5-10 minutes later after taking you out for the trade! I thought the same might happen here with the GBP, but it gapped straight up.

    I see these things as major stop hunts sometimes, so I just didn't want to risk it, even though the logical move for the GBP was a surge up.

    Trading is just not that easy.

  6. When you have to pay bills, you don't have time to wait 30 days for the pound to go up to meet your thesis. However, if you are a paid analyst, you can easily sit back and say…yeah I was right the whole time

  7. Reached take profit at EUR/GBP buy position just before it started diving massively downwards, sadly, couldn't catch it coming, while NZD/JPY buy position took profit as well, it feels like it is still moving upwards.

  8. I think GBP/AUD took the cake two days ago. A 300 pip drop during london session and then a 400 pip rise during new york session. The pair moved 700 pips in less than a day. I only caught 99 pips on it before it went down further.

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