1. Hey Jim, I'm enjoying your videos, I downloaded your trade management tool to do some demoing, but my version does not have the slider, is there a way to turn it on & off?

  2. Hi Mr Jim Dandy 😉 I have absolutely NO idea how I stumbled upon your video…well, OK, I'd been watching another FOREX "educational" vid in my browser & your video popped-up when it was done; anyways, long story short: I'm a BIT older than most folks just getting into the markets, but since I can no longer practice in my area (healthcare & research), am basically house-bound these days, and after stumbling around a few years, was asked for some advice on BioTech stocks about 3 months ago, which my dear brother apparently profited on. (Sorry, LONG run-on sentences in limited YT comments). I decided to learn @ the markets & was told by "some" to "give it up, you're on disability-deal with it"…I LOVE a challenge! I'm just learning & plan on sticking w a Demo acct for quite awhile-I'm not going to have much to start with & want to make it count! Your video enthralled me & I'm heading to your website! Have subscribed & can't wait to watch more!! A pleasure to meet you sir!!

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