1. श्री डागोबर्ट की रणनीति सॉफ्टवेयर यह वास्तव में बहुत, इसका उपयोग करना बहुत आसान है। यह संभवत: सबसे अच्छा है जिसे मैंने वास्तव में ट्रेडिंग के संदर्भ में देखा है (dagobertdecker112 (a) G.m.a.i.l c..m.m

  2. So true as an EA developer myself, I went through the same mistake and once I found what works for me, it was actually trading manually but with conditions. They are taking a fixed amount of pips like working a set amount of hours at your job and the other to gradually increase your lot sizes when milestones are met. You'll be shocked at your ROI at month end.

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  4. Nick rock on! Full-time FX trader here. You're 100% on the money. Every trader has to learn who they are and understand their own psychology in order to adapt and find what works for them.

  5. Trader Nick. I admire you. Very honest. I can see it in you. Keep it up. This is 100% . it makes sense. This is what i have realized in my trading journey… No such thing as free lunch. You must put in the work and find an edge thats perfect for you. Top video buddy. ?

  6. Even if u randomly buy or sell u should have risk managment in check..gambler with risk managment can make more profits than a guy with strategy and no risk check..its a highly speculative thing and protecting your bad decisions is the key..best risk managment for a beginer is just not using high leverage,and stick with only 1 or 2 curency pairs and master them..u wll learn a lot with common sense and experience..once u get consistent u can play occasionaly with leverage and have big profits why not..but in the long run and beginers should take baby steps like everythin in life,it takes time..unless u r really good at it..i personaly know traders who mastered it in a year..and now 1m accounts and great lifestyle..but for majority its a tough road..it pays off at the end for sure..good luck

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  8. Become friend with the trend, trend is our friend. Focuse on the support and resistance zones, will help you to become friend with the trend. Use more strategy before you take a trade. 1 confirmation is not enough to take a trade you need at least 3 confirmation to take a successful trade. For 90% win rate take your tp1 at 10pips and let tp2 as a runner but sl on your entry.

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