1. Hi, This video is great and I am very interested so got one of my friends who’s helping me out. I was able to create the account unfortunately I was having trouble with my verification. So how can I verify my address ID or Personal ID?

  2. Thanks for this video. You are positive and inspiring. I haven't started trading. You're voice is just fine. Do you mentor ppl??? If so I would like you to be my mentor before I even get an account.

  3. Hello Mr. Morton, I'm new to trading and could not understand the basics of Forex until I came across your YouTube channel. I really like and appreciate your teaching style. You have an easy to learn technique and a calm voice that allows me to comprehend the subject matter very easily. I'm very excited and motivated to view the rest of your courses and start a demo account to put your strategy into practice. I learned a lot about support and resistance in your price action course. Do you also teach your students how to find supply and demand zones along with the support and resistance? Once again, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. – Raphael Robinson

  4. Of course as well the FX markets are open in Asia on Sunday evening UK time.

    Another thing to mention would be the liquidity. As actually, in the overnight session (what we would call the Asian session) is fairly illiquid and contains little movement in comparison to the main session, London.

    Might be worth mentioning this and the hours in when they are active.

    Not to mention the main reason of why a market moves (any market for that matter) because there is an auction process of physical buying and selling. Banks buying 100 million of GBP by selling the dollars against them etc.

    Good vid as an intro, Sam.

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