1. Nice video , although i have turned away from Forex and focus on crypto… For quite some time the largest cryptocurrency asset "Bitcoin" has been my thing and i completely love the technology behind it out which has spewed several other coins. Despite the pull back we experienced few days ago, bitcoin bulls has once again proved to be dominating the market which has seen the coin moving in an upward momentum by currently trading above the $8,500 support level against the US dollars, and if they could hold strong then there is high probability the price will hit $9,200 resistance area in near term. Well bitcoin has been one of my source of income and it's been successful because i was smart enough to find the right strategy/daily signals to trade with ever since the last bear market, Ben Edward has been providing me with his daily signals and also guidance to trade, again i was able to grow my 0.9btc to 7.1btc within three weeks of trading with Edward's daily signals, i must say no time is ever too late to buy and start trading. Edward can be reach via Telgram @ Trade_24 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. Thanks Wayne, Today I was reminded of the importance of trading with the trend , and tactics for which time frames to use to identify When to trade and when to stand aside. Standing aside is very important.

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