1. Shiva, Firstly, thank you for the video. I am uncertain, however, whether I heard you clearly on two key parts of this video… So, I hope you could kindly confirm/clarify: (1) At minute 17:47 of the video…. with regard to Market Structure, did you mention “Cup Pattern” as one of them and (2) At minute 22:05, with regard to Candlestick Structure, did you refer to “Piercing Line” as one of them?

    I just want to be sure, since the two above-referred items (Cup Pattern & Piercing Line) appear to have been omitted from the outline/summary that you share with us during your subsequent video titled “Revision of Forex Trading Strategy and Trading Criteria” published on 29 May 2018.

  2. Hallo shiva thank you for the golden information however i wanted to ask whether its possible for you to provide this template for the mt5 platform because the one on the website is strictly for the mt4 platform, thank you.

  3. Shiva, you are amazing!!! I have watched many of your videos (working on watching all) and for once, I am trading with clarity, purpose, and foresight. I banked 40 pips, just today, and without doubt, which is completely out of my norm. I usually have some apprehension, but after applying your rules, I had none. Thank you! I have been trading for about 10 months, blown up one account, and was slowly working on blowing up a second, but that stops now. No more forcing trades, now just waiting for the trades (Setups) to come to me. God bless from Temple, Texas!

  4. So Shiva I am right in understanding that you only trade the 2nd hit to the ema? And what happens when it busts through the ema and comes back through? Do you wait till it breaks back over the ema then take the trade?

  5. As always, this info is gold. I feel like trading in general is a process which is becoming easier the more i practice it and all the info you go over makes a lot of sense.

    Also It does make all the difference to meditate before hand, and witness yourself during trading sessions to learn more about your impulses and attitudes toward the market.

    Ive been learning bit by bit over the past 2 months placing binary option bets during the bounces off EMA's with some success. Watching these videos makes me realize Forex trading seems like a better game in terms of risk/return.

  6. I believe if you focus on this simple strategy you can make alot of money. I did what Shiva told in the video and made the following pips this week:
    06/03/18 GBPUSD 29 PIPS
    06/03/18 GBPJPY 40 PIPS
    07/03/18 GBPJPY 27 PIPS
    Thaknnks Shiva

  7. Thanks Shiva! Question: what about the positions of the EMA'S? They are dynamic and moving rigth? So in real time are they not different? Just curious about your experience how to decide the correct entry for a trade. Thanks and cheers mate

  8. Thanks Shiva, you have just confirmed what I have been testing about trading off the 50 ema. I just didn't know what SL and TP levels to use, your video has provided me with a simple but powerful trading strategy. I truly appreciate the VALUE you provide to those of us that are learning to trade.

  9. Thanks Shiva amazing video, You've helped me alot!
    Your asian session blue box also covers Frankfurt open, Do you suggest that we add Frankfurt to the asian session and Only trade start of London session?

  10. I was just thinking about you yesterday. Thanks for consistently putting up training videos for us out of your love for aspiring traders who wants to be consistently profitable. No one gives out their million (if not billion) dollar strategy like you do. You are a gem. I pray that you will be blessed in many other ways, in spirit, in body and in soul. Glad that I found you 2 years ago. My regret was that I've not really go deep into your training materials back then. Now I am watching your videos again and again. Every time I watch them again, there's a deeper understanding what you are trying to teach us. My goal from now till end of the year is to gain 50 pips every week consistently. Thank you so much, Shiva. Appreciate you from my heart. No matter where you are right now, be blessed!!! 🙂

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