1. Thank you for the time frames for day trading. I have been watching you for a while now and I am seeing your trades on my screen when I trade. I am becoming prosperous.

  2. How does your strategy compare when it's applied to equities as opposed to forex? I don't trade forex, just stocks, but, what you exposed is very intriguing and well thought out.

  3. lol then name of this video is a proper click bate !!!! they will be mad!! who will be mad !! hmm i thought your one of those good guys. click bating to get views not cool man !!!

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  5. Well, you didn't tell anything new throw your content just same strategy and method, plus bonus you making mistakes by talking fast by saying use you said loose. So good work keep going, hope so your rules will be seccessfull.

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  7. Guys.. I know he explains all nice and yada yada, but you do realise that he is showing you every video the same strategy, just with a different title and a slightly different explaination??
    I know most that are watching him are new to trading, so please pay attention when you are watching him, he really doesn´t show much.

    Yes, what he is showing is a viable strategy, yes he is explaining it nice and all, but he is not showing new content for at least 6months lol

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