1. Must need to follow this by my opinion
    1. First we have to know about forex… Find information… Search about it and need to surely decide to play this forex game
    2. Then after we need to search about platform like there are many platform for forex trading OLYMP …AMERITE… 4TRADER which i know and etc.
    || And get knowledge about candle stick…. Time frames …. Learn about technical analyse and Indicators/Oscillator
    3. After this a person need to implement his information in platform as a practice on demo account .. and keep practicing about it
    4. Try diffrent strategies… mainly i think after knowledge about strategies we need to focus on only 2 3 best strategies which was give us good experience
    5. After that at the end keeep yourself in money management … Dont involve your emotions …doing meditation and physically exercise aslo
    6.. ready for forex trading in real money by little little amount
    Now as my knowledge these step is must needed follow by bigginner mind

  2. 1. Control emotions : Forex trading , Binary options And real life reason is Pura Jo Mahabharat huva hai ese ak reason se.

    2. Self Discipline: it's part of Forex Binary all real life Bad and good habits.

    3. Be patience : you give this field your constantcy and patience this industry give you lots of money and make you good man.

    4. Money Management : don’t invest more than 1 TO 5% of your total deposit.

    5.TradeTime : there is very important role of the overlaping time is best for tarding because high the voilatility high the profit in forex.

  3. 1.Money management = don’t invest more than 5% of your total deposit just invest that much of amount you can bear the loss also!
    2.Technical analysis = read about all the indicators and get knowledge in them so that you can get to know about things!
    3.stop loss = stop loss limit is very necessary so that you can have less loss otherwise you are going to loose your full money!
    4. Trading Time = there is very important role of the overlaping time is best for tarding because high the voilatility high the profit in forex!
    5. Descipline : This is most necessary for beginners don’t be greedy because no one can earn overnight it took years of practice to get into good level so just sit back and be descipline , consistency and practice make profits !

  4. 1.Invest 200 $ with
    ( Soumyo Roy ) and take bonus

    2. When you profit Withdrawal your own investmentant and continue trade with your profit

    3.daily target profit 10%

    4.put stop loss

    5.before your trading check the news and read books .articles

    6. always mentally and physically stornog

    7.don't do over trading it's make loss our money

    8. Always be positive thinking
    Good luck your day …,,?

  5. 1. Mind set =Pay Attention to Daily Pivot Points

    2. Wait for next candlestick =Trade with an Edge

    3. Management of money =Preserve Your Capital

    4 . First read the market=Simplify your Technical Analysis

    5. Trade stop-loss =Place Stop-loss Orders at Reasonable Price Levels


  6. 1. Invest $200.00 with
    (soumyo roy )And take bonus

    2. When you profit withdrawal your own investment and continue trade with your profit

    3.Daily target profit 10%

    4. put stop loss

    5.before your trading check the news and read books ,articles

    6. Always mentally and physically strong

    7. Don't do over trading
    It's make loss our money

    8.always be positive thinks
    Good lock you day ?

  7. 1. Account size ke hisaab se apne investment ka risk to reward ratio nikale.
    2.stop loss aur take profit kisi percentage ya amount me nahi but koi accha area select kare.
    3. Money management aur risk management ka use karke trade execute kare.
    4. Markets ke candlesticks patterns ke emotions sentiment samjhe.
    5. Lastly discipline and don't be greedy which may lead to gambling.

  8. 1.first mention stop loss
    2.invest only deposit money 1% to 5 %in a one trade.
    3.dont'greedy and keep patience.
    4.read news properly.
    5. Believe in yourself.
    6.become rich slowly., you are not rich in one day..

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