1. i love u man, i love the way u teach, i love the way u trade, whenever i watch your video i feel a positive energy that push me to learn more and more to be a consistently profitable like u, god bless you man keep going..,,

  2. I know the struggle
    I have about over 85 blown accounts with – 70.000$ in looses, before I started being profitable there are thousands of ppl trying to chase the same thing,
    here's my strategy this is what I do and how I make money
    I don't trade news
    trade 4 hour weekly highs and lows and channels or wedges on 4 hours furthermore look at Doji but fat body then big fat candle up next candle sell tp 20 pips do opposite when buying this might be gibberish to you I've blown accounts for over 5 years only starting to see returns now and still blow shit up here and there don't trade with stpl hope this info helps this msg is worth millions of dollars but you boys and girls not persistent enough and way too greedy ill throw my broker referral if you want to use someone solid use these guys they payout I had no problems with them enjoy the struggle
    ps if you cant grow 100$ account consistently you're an idiot to invest more then 100$ at a time also drop your leverage to @ nothing higher then @0 MAX otherwise you will blow your shit up to be patient
    use my broker trust me its worth your while and as thanks for free info I wrote here that actually works when used right use my referral link but don't accept bonus or incentives just open standard account good luck everyone @t

  3. one of the biggest problem is always pulling the trigger. i would love to see a live video using your indicator and price action and candlestick pattern to get into the trade. also a video on pull back manuipulation

  4. God bless you so much sir. This video is a divine encounter. You didnt just share this video, but you reached out to me. After watching this video, my trading experience has changed for good. Will be glad to keep in touch in every way possible..

  5. Kudos on this one you really did great on this video. I actually was trading on my own and it was all going real bad until I got a strong recommendation about my present manager and believe me she's so great at this my account grew exceedingly. Clara Miles is great I strongly recommend her too.

  6. There is a red candle after the 3rd low in the trend you were considering. Why did you just ignore that braking of low?? IF you had considered that as a braking of 3rd low then the next high is made ABOVE the PREVIOUS high which shows that market is not in downtrend any more…..Only after IGNORING that breaking point you can consider market in a continuous downtrend.

  7. I would like 1 video @ that big candle 1/3 red + 2/3 green ….. I'v seen only one system who show volumes of selling / buying in real time (NOFT) which was done that with all the candles from the chart…….. Meantime they moved to robots / algorithms…… Explain your volumes and if you are from which country? And name of your platform /system?

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  10. Got to be the worst trading vid I've seen so far on here, you do not mention your location( I assume US) so sleep time to you is daytime trading in Europe and bang! Guess what? Good figures come out in UK and wham GBP flies up you get screwed. You cannot safely trade any Forex without first knowing the economic calender for each country who's currency you are trading.

  11. Hey Steven,

    I wanted to say thank you for the YouTube content that you put out. I went from watching one of your newer videos to almost all of your videos. I really appreciate your honesty because I was one of the many that thought it would be a fast come up and thought that even the experts don’t experts losing streaks. In time watching your videos I learned many great things. I went from not having a strategy to in the end being able to come up with a profitable strategy. All thanks to certain things you kept saying over and over again like how you have to be in a trend. Once again I really appreciate what you do ??

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