1. ??Timestamps for you lazy muppets:
    2:08 – "Sometimes halving the amount of trades you take, doubles your percentages*"
    2:57 – What I actually do at work
    4:32 – My 2020 Goals
    4:47 – The #1 thing to get results in life is…
    5:00 – "How you do one thing, is how you do everything"
    5:30 – The one thing I'm lagging behind in…
    6:20, 6:55 – Stacking small wins
    7:19 – No takeaways this January
    7:50 – The One Big Domino
    8:22 – Trading goals
    8:59 – Setting up monthly meetings
    Hope you enjoy the video! See you in the next one ❤️

  2. I will just say. With this channel name it can only be good. So much "hate" towards forex. What you are supposed to do is futures, futures and more futures. It does not seem like my style. Forex seems more exciting.

  3. Physical gains are easier made in the kitchen than the gym. If you have self control & discipline try keto for amazing mental clarity and elimination of insulin spikes & crashes. Thanks for your honesty & sharing. Love & light on your journey

  4. Here's what I do to stay on track food wise. I send a picture of each lunch and diner to one of my buddies on the other side of Canada via text. I skip the breakfast as it is always the same protein powder shake. I told my buddy that he does have to reply or comment though I often list the ingredients or some food prep details. This way i have a recipe book in a way as all I have to do is scroll back my texts and get some ideas. I am just over 50 years old.so the easy days of losing weight at will within a few gym sessions are long gone. It is still relatively easy to loose weight for me but those need to be out of the way: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and obviously any desert plus the usual tasty toxic stuff like Ferrero Roccher. Lean protein and plenty of greens like romaine lettuce and chinese veggies like gailan. It is a must to hit the scale at least once a week as eating too much healthy stuff is great but it won't drop weight that much.

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