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  2. The Stock Market is not rigged. Instead, It is a simple system that has been FULLY EXPLOITED by very influential and wealthy people, groups, organizations and institutions. If it was rigged they wouldn't have to go through such lengths to command the market. For every one person who take the time to do their homework, look at and study technical charts, present and past, for hours, days on end, in order to learn the language of the market, there is an extremely high exponential number of others who refuse to do so. This is where the edge will always exist. If you win too much at a Casino, they label you a cheat and ban you -you're an anomaly, a divergence and a nuisance because you've figured out the system. In the Stock Market, this sort of person is allowed to continue playing, in most part because their return is laughably nominal compared to that of the market.

  3. Wow thats a lot of bullshit, who is this guy? Is he really a trader?
    His logic: market is rigged because "they" (i dont know who "they" are) are looking at the same chart and they dont let you make any money cause "they" will obviously know what are you gonna do… but its good becuase now you somehow know what "they" are gonna do so you make money on "them." I cannot believe how many users actually agree to this guy, no wonder there is 90% of losing traders when people are not willing to actually use common sense and think about it for a second… please dont invite this kind of "traders" ever again, you ruin such a smart helpful and awesome channel with this trash

  4. Lol kinda true but still I am still able to generate ~240k a year by TA and reading charts. Sure volume, buying power etc goes into account but its TA at the end of the day. The main reason why people lose money is because of greed and poor risk management. Just to say u cant make money with TA ist silly in my opinion.

  5. If he can't trade with technicals, it doesn't mean nobody can. This is just an another trader that thinks only his view on the market is right and others are wrong. Full of bs.

  6. what do you mean they do the opposite? they don't literally move the chart up and down. the forex is controlled by bets for and against currency pairs, influenced by news events and political circumstances, who is 'they' and how do they 'do the opposite' … if i did the opposite the market wouldn't give a shit and i'd blow my account in a day

  7. "Try to figure out the macro-geopolitical agendas and the psychology of the market rather than the technical and fundamental analysis." — so true! When I started looking at it this way (and following the drama and Tweets), I recovered from my fx trading losses which happened right after Trump got elected XD I'm neither anti nor pro Trump, I personally don't care, but following along even the Brexit saga helped me recover 🙂

  8. What is Level 3?

    Level 3 is the highest level of quotes provided by a trading service and gives the institution the ability to enter quotes, execute orders and send information. Level 3 service is restricted to National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) member firms that function as registered market makers……99% of retail traders have access to Level 2 Data ONLY.

  9. Markets are rigged and unfortunately very few times the manipulators go to jail…LIBOR…if a couple of dudes can manipulate the LIBOR…imagine individual company stocks

  10. Omg I'm watching this guy admiting that trading is a complete scam and people in the comments still saying that "technical analysis" still works.WHAT A BUNCH OF HOPLESS IDIOTS.
    There is nothing technical about it,you are drawing imaginary lines on a chart you idiot wake up.
    They have a full system to hunt for your stop losses to force you into a trade,it's completly rigged.

  11. Kind of doubt that the big players/ commercials would give a fuck about retail traders and their accounts. Also, the fact that most people lose money in trading is due to the old mystery of people buying when the market is overbought and sell when the market is oversold. Maybe this guys advice really sticks to those whose tin-foil hats have become too tight and believe that there are conspiracies behind everything, but if you follow trends on daily and weekly time frames, thus holding onto a position for a longer term, the market wont stop you out. Which is why day trading carries the greatest risk because inevitably you will eventually lose your gains within the same day as you made profits, or latest by the next day.

    Finally, he seems to not reveal any kind of evidence or alternate method besides observing 'macro geo-political agenda's', or fundamental analysis in other words, and he contradicts himself again when he claims that markets don't move because of rumors and supply and demand, but claims that the 'mystical' rigging does – but isn't that the same thing in essence? Besides, in order to move markets the markets themselves have to move physical products and/ or services, thus driven by and creating supply and demand which again indicates that markets do not adhere to his supposed primary cause of movement, i.e. rigging. Anyone who believes anything this guy says will lose money because he is out there to get your money by the very means he claims people lose money with, always beware of those claiming to save you from losing through borderline, esoteric approaches. He is a con artist at best, who therefore invariably attracts the lazy, feeble minded people looking to make a quick profit without any knowledge. Why this individual was interviewed here in this program where otherwise intelligent and inspiring guests speak is beyond me, maybe a rigged anomaly.

  12. I wouldn't say rigged, just efficient! Why should you be able to just look at a chart and predict the future and make tons of money?

    The markets aren't that easy! A quant fund can put your technical analysis (chart patterns, Fibonacci levels, etc) into an algo and do it a million times faster than you, and with much more accuracy! This has caused technical analysis alone to be arbitraged out of the market.

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