1. Thanks for your continued wisdom Wayne. It can be all too easy to go off on a tangent with an idea like stacking a trend when one is not yet ahead of the curve. These continued insights might be a source for more important learnings in a sensible timeframe keeping things simple, logical and verifiable. I have a quote from the Startreck Enterprise series "Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you." It might seem like having the pivot points forward in time could offer a fleeting glimpse into a future that can offer some highly plausible precision options which will tend to prove true or at least offer a filter for higher probabilities. In other words, I am still digesting what I think I am learning.

  2. Thanks Wayne! FYI – I got the files and I was using Firefox. My one request is; could you on each Monday do a price strength/weakness (like you did this past Monday). I found it very helpful.

  3. Thanks Wayne, for answering my question about how you developed a unique method of Fib Retracement plotting… I'm using this video to setup my Fib, so I really appreciate your willingness to help us. Click 35:23 to learn the setup and implementation.

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