1. The online structure of forex trading has a further advantage not found in the futures and stock markets. In all three types of margin accounts, the trader generally need to keep funds on deposit in a special margin account. Bprimes also offer various type of account to pick. Futures, forex and equities are traded on margin meaning that the trader has usually borrowed funds to purchase the asset.

  2. Hey wayne i hope you read this and comment back,i am with tradersway and whenever i deposit money i get fees from v load and then fees from my bank is there anyway to avoid this? Thanks for holding these webinars! rich

  3. If you do read the comments, regards the lack of LIKES, maybe they watch from an email link, I know sometimes when not actually on Youtube, there is NO way to LIKE. I mainly watch replay on YT, and I always LIKE, hope that helps

  4. Good webinar! Thanks. For me, YouTube is usually 30 minutes late so I watch the recorded version. Don't know if it's the best way, but maybe using Whatsup (but we'd need to have a demo or live account with TW for the setup)…

  5. Thank You – YouTube notifications are ok …..It notifies me on my browser and Mobile. Maybe you can start the live stream a minute or two early so that everybody can have time to login and join.

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