1. No lies about it they seemed genuine at first,initial investment went well and i was able to withdraw with no problem,until i received a call from my account manager and he proposed an offer i couldn't let go which i plunged into and i regretted it,after making a whooping investment of £350000,traded a bit and i made profits not knowing it was just a scam,asked for withdrawal and they denied me,called my manager and he never replied my calls,i had to seek the services of michaelroland727atgmaildotcom,and in days i had my funds back to my account,Really glad there are still genuine consultants out there,Thank you Michael

  2. Hi Wayne, I disagree with your comments that big institutions use Pivots and then when Pivots are "missed" you disregard this? Why would large institutions have no problem with Pivots that are missed unless they don't use them (also given the fact that a pip for many traders and institutions are worth a lot more than 10 cents.

  3. Thanks, Wayne! Congratulations on your proposed change in managing endowments. For any trader struggling to maintain profits or winning trades, should seriously consider getting involved in the performance coaching program. I found it to be extremely helpful!

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