1. Thank you so much wayne , I follow up your webinars every day and sometimes even watch it twice a day.
    i encourage new traders like myself to focus on one channel to learn instead of subscribe to 10 education channel and over heating your brain.
    power lies in simplicity.

  2. Hey Wayne what's your predictions and opinions about Europe for 2019? How EU going to perform on all aspects political, economical, financia, and domestic that have been declining in Europe for last 2-3 years.

    Ps. Thanks for sharing your skill and knowledge?

  3. Thanks, Wayne for the daily webinars. Appreciate the encouragement. Unfortunately, I am seldom able to attend your live webinars do to work, so the recordings are very helpful. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Wayne, Your study approach ever since 2006 when I began following you is always appreciated. I have a love hate relationship with your making us develop our own alpha, instead of just giving us a fish for A-day. Encouragement to keep the big picture And become a professional thinking for ourselves, is always needed and Appreciated.

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