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  2. HI Mark/Peter. 3 minutes into this first part interview , I am truly inspired, and my life=long passion for trading on Stock Market, has reignited. I am actively learning as much as humanly possible first and then give trading Forex,/Stock/Etfs a try. I don't have a single specific trade that i like to try but watching the rest of the interview, will certainly help me make that decision. Success to you and the fans.

  3. Hi guys, please what is the best-licensed forex trading company I can use their platform to start trading. I have been a victim of many unlicensed companies who has defrauded me of my money. Your help is highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  4. Hey man …this is great stuff. One request that helps put everything into context. Could you or with your guests talk a little bit about who/where they are from a “success as a trader” perspective. In other words why is it that you have decided they are worth having a chat with…Success is relative, yes. But it’s still a talking point. Thank you

  5. Very inspiring interview…….Waiting for part 2……However….there is a lot going on in the background…..It interfered with my concentration….and I got lost lol?……Just being honest

  6. This is very refreshing for lonely traders like me.
    Well, i found a friend at work started to try to swing trade stocks, but i,m a daily chart forex, and he just had a kid dont hace the time to learn the technical basics and is trading by catalisers on companys doing things he understand and im purely technical.
    My main effort is around fomo, he see a big spike and tell me to look and i say him to stay back for a continuation signal, and his face is like: wut?¿!¡

  7. Price action is a bunch of candles will end in a shape of a pattern the downside of this strategy it will take time to occur still much better than a single candle strategy

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