1. The markets rallies too quickly during the news release that it becomes much harder to catch them and make any buy or sell decision yet it is a good opportunity of making some good bucks if you are already prepared for it.

  2. What about, "Buy the rumor, sell the news"? Price being factored in before the news and traders exiting their positions once the news hits as the reason price does the opposite of what is expected.

  3. My search was for how to predict news and all I got was how to trade news.. I must say, your video is very educative..
    Thing is, are there any form of indicators that can can give a fair idea of what to expect from new?
    I’m sure my question may seem confusing so here’s an example;

    “Inflation was announced at 0.34 as against 0.11 previously.. now based on results of inflation we’ll see a rise in FOMC“

  4. You made a video on possibly one of the easiest subjects to explain when it comes to the markets. Here you go news and how it affects Trading. When you are trading your desired stock and said stock has news you need to understand that the way you perceive this news is irrelevant more less you need to look at it from the point of view of how would the average person out there disseminate this? Now of course when it comes down to trading after you taken in the news you need to now make a decision this stock that you want to trade do you think there are more people willing to use this good news to exit II price pops up or does this Stock's daily monthly weekly chart looks so strong "assuming you're going long" that you believe most people are going to want to get in and keep getting in. The point is as a Trader you need to be able to identify each individual stock and how comfortable are other traders are.

  5. Hi there. Do you know where I can check which news releases affect the S&P? Like the calendar that we can find at forexfactory site, which shows the day of the week, time of news and severity of impact. Thanks!

  6. Excellent analysis. I am very much enjoying your strategies and ideas. Been practice trading now for four months on Trading212 platform. Great service. My style is to do many trades in a day, and not hold positions for too long. I have noticed there is not a lot of content on this type of trading. I am consistently making 1000K a week on a 2500K account. I am trading with that amount because that is the amount I will be going into the market with. Reset my account Monday mornings and start again. Why am I saying this? Because for those of you who are learning like me, practice practice practice. Yes, watch Davey and his ideas, and many others, but just do it yourself daily for several months before you go live. Nothing will ever beat it. Their platform is excellent and so is the customer service. I am consistently making 1000K on my 2500K, and that is a 40% return on my money every week. For many reasons, including Davey, but the practice is the number one thing to do. Every day, and treat your account EXACTLY like your real account and you will learn how to trade.

  7. Please do a video about stop loss hunting (separating the rubbish from the truth) and how the individual trader can get on the side of the big institutions….Thanks a million…Big Fan, Keep up the great WORK!

  8. David,
    Always nice to follow you. But I did not find a word on the fact that the zero-spreads has been taken off the platform. Could you please elaborate what the future plan is? Thanks for the good work!

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