1. Can I grow my account from 50usd to 100,000 USD in a year. Considering only 5% profit every trade per day? I'm planning to consistently add 50usd every month into my trading account in a year.

  2. I think after one has gained confidence after many research and testing demo, they should deposit $100-$200 to train their mentality and be fully prepared to lose it and take it as an education fee. After getting the feel and getting more confidence. And at least shown consistency in making profits. Put in money you can lose preferably around $1000 and compound.

  3. The most important forex trading lesson i have learned the few years i was trading for myself is that 'Trading with the help of an expert is more productive than handling trades on your own with little or no experience in the forex market.'

  4. It is possible to build it up to 100k if you take trading as a full time job, results are feasible,just the mindset should be clear and should have realistic goals

  5. subs and bell done…

    can i ask what legit broker did u introduce sir? im using small amount on money only like 50USD… can u make a video tuturial in micro trader like me

  6. interesting video. i screwed around with 0.01 lots until i was winning regularly. then i cranked up my risk. i knew i was going to take some losses and at about what rate. so i worked out a risk management plan that took into account this and how to react to it. i was willing to tolerate getting hit pretty hard. because i knew i could make it back again. i set rules on when to bail. Just remember. the market maker is not out to get you personally. they are out to get people making mistakes. too high a leverage…..you are dead….no room to work. you need to be able to tolerate at least a 20 point hit. especially with market maker brokers. you are trading against them….and other client's of them. someone is losing on this trade. someone made a mistake. don't let that be you.

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