1. Hey Guys! Had a lot of messages over the past 2/3 months regarding starting out in Trading – Where to start, who to learn from, what to do, what to avoid, amongst many other similar questions. I definitely know the struggle trying to figure out where to start, i was there at the back end of 2016 when i first started my trading journey. But i've created a video for you that will hopefully guide you through the process and help out if you're wanting to get involved in trading in 2020. I hope this helps! ?

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  4. As a newbies I started trading with my savings account nothing knowing much about it I started working with Mr oliver Rodd he help me manage my account the first week I start working with him I cash out the next week all thanks to Mr oliver Rodd

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  9. The best way to start out as a newbie is getting an expert account manager to manage your funds as you master the process. With as little as $1,000 you are guaranteed to make atleast $5600 every month. Don’t lose money trading for yourself when you can make lots of profits doing nothing.

  10. Thanks so much for this video really appreciate it and it’s the first trading video I’ve completed as others are so overwhelming. I’m based in the UK , can you please recommend a community to join ? And also a good demo account to create? – I’m literally just starting my journey on this. Thank you

  11. The quicker you focus on your goals the quicker you will Succeed at them. That's why I keep saying the good about James menald who has been trading for me with his strategy and is the best.

  12. nice video Michael Bamber but all Thanks to Mr Eamon Hardy for guiding me through trading, it's great to know that he had been a good person to this whole number of people asides me,I strongly believe in him

  13. Over time i have come to understand that learning when to swing trade and when to day trade is important this has helped me reach a target of earning $500 to $1500 daily, following the Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy turned out to be a very important lesson for me, just google it.

  14. I got scammed by two bastards. I was so stupid. I only wanted to provide for my family but ended up losing thousands to those who so called who would do the trading for me. Don’t trust people who would trade for you. Don’t be like me and so many of them like me. I hope someday I would meet someone who would genuinely help me or guide me with trading forex. Not gonna give up on learning how to trade. I lost money here so it’s only fair I gain it back from here. ?

  15. Sometimes I wish I had started trading earlier maybe I’d be i politics by now. But I make consistent profits trading daily and I love it all thanks to Mr. Sanjay working strategies and account management. You all shouldn’t trust the process

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  18. Very good video, what broker would you suggest for someone starting up fresh, I'm willing to start off with £200-300, I've already done some demo account as well, but what broker would you recommend? in regards to user friendly interface, resources they give you, leverage etc.

  19. You can become very rich, if you are ready to kill fear, make sacrifices and take risk. forex trading is a cool business that is not known to many people in the world. many forex traders started with a simple trading strategy, trades have set rules for how to buy and sell currency pairs including selecting the right execution technologies. This investment is highly profitable.

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