1. Why not only use Heiken Ashi? you added the extra one without explaining what it difference it makes! and then you added a 3rd one, without explaining. Did you test ANY of these with or without each other to come to any conclusions??? or do you just throw any shit on a chart and put up videos??

  2. Truly amazing strategy. If you are looking for very high rewards with very low risk, this is it… but, be careful that this could very easily chop you up when the market is flat

  3. Thanks so much sir, please can you assist me explain how do I build ea with custom indicators like arrow indicator. Please sir do a video regards to that or send me the explanation in to my email address, bowale1432@gmail.com

  4. I have to say was dubious about your idea, but have traded very well with it. Only difference was i also used other indicators for back up. But to me a very neat system.Found worked well for me on a one hour chart with back up with a 4 hour chart. Much appreciated, thank you, your explanation was good

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