1. Most traders in the beginning places their stop losses incorrectly, which kicks them out of trades too early, or reduces their overall profit potential. In this video, I share with you a clip of a private member webinar where I talk about this specifically, and how you should approach them, and refine them over time.

  2. Funniest line I've heard in 2018…"you need to just let that sh#t go." Had to rewind and watch that part like 4 times. It's true tho brother, I've been fighting mma and boxing for a while and one thing that your coaches will have you work on is technique… speed and everything else comes later.

  3. Widening my stop loss was one of the most effective things I've done within my practice. I have been more successful and seeing that if my stop is blown through has given me a better mentality, because we can always re-enter at a better level and makeup the loss hopefully, or reverse the position depending on the context.

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