1. Hello, Im on android and I want to create custom moving averages and not use the default. I purchased the $19.99/monthly but it looks as tho you also have to purchase the easy alerts plus? Not sure how that works. If possible could you give me a call sometime? Email me please at kirk@icatchpipsdaily.com and ill give you my number if you don't mind.

  2. Hi Jerell! Really apritiedted work you doing here on your channel and sharing with us,and must say thank you! I have one question, or may I please you to write which indicators you use, your favorites for fast-daily trading (M5+M15). You don't need to explain them how it works, just which combinations are your favorites. Thanks one more!
    Best regards!

  3. Great..! An aspiring trade will only make great strides in her journey in the market speculation when it takes complete personal responsibility for the trading process and outcomes. you can still make money from forex candlesticks researching online for advanced methods. I dive into research and study a wonderful tips in trading with IQD Momentum Strategy. I verified $6,525.05 profit trading a week with this trading strategy. Google research is all that is needed and ask for help if you wish.

  4. Can you customize the ask price line on the mt4 app? I have had the app for 2 weeks now and either i cant see the ask line or its way to far apart to make a trade

  5. Has any one notice that prices may be different from mt4 and mt5, why? For example right now gold is on mt4 1306.86 and mt5 is 1303.78….. I don't understand why, it demo and I want to put my broker account but I have this concern? Any one know the answer thank you

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