1. Omg. This is such a helpful video for a beginner like me. Thanks for this educational video.? what kind of indicators are the blue and red boxes/blocks on your chart supposed mean? Like what do they help you to do?

  2. Income tax time cant come no faster so i can join your forex trading. Ima wait on the cpa course i want to do both but uhmm yeh it look like forex is winning my mind over cpa thanks to you ? question? is there like a free app or website for demo where i can practice at the same time while im learning

  3. I get the concepts but you aren't giving any rules, like just saying getting in on the second leg doesn't make sense when in the second leg do we get in where and why? We need rules how do we know it's the second leg this is vary vague

  4. this is that real sauce man! i’m trying to make 100€/day on average and you explain everything so much better than these 40 min vids… THANK YOU!

  5. I’m new to this and have not started yet, I would like to know somewhat of what I’m doing before I jump in and go broke. I really appreciate this video it was so detailed and full of particulars that I was wondering about. Thank you thank you. I will stay tuned in

  6. So you buy at the bottom and sell at the top of the w but with the m how do you make money by buying when it's high and selling low or do you mean sell when it's up there and wait till it hits bottoms before you buy again (same thing as w just looking at it differently lol)

  7. I read that we can’t exceed more than 3 day trades per 5 day period. Unless we have 250k of equity in the account. Does this apply to your methods ? I am really interested in becoming a trader. I just want to make sure I follow the rules. Your training videos make things easier to follow than most trainers. Thanks man

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    I just couldn't keep this to myself and I guarantee a wonderful experience.

  9. I realized when it comes to making money online, its not about how much money you have for ads, its about the mindset. Its about if you know what you're doing. Because you can put $50 on bing ad and blow it all away because you didnt know what to do. OR you can put $50 on a bing ad and flip it into $200 because you know what you're doing. I guess mindset is key.

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