1. Hi Nicholas, great content! i just wanted to know if you guys ever use harmonic patterns in your trading, because i would sometimes hear you say that there's nothing interesting about a pair while a beautiful harmonic pattern is right there?

  2. Hey Nicholas! Thank you so much for putting out these videos. These, along with the market selection videos are incredibly helpful. I do have one question regarding the TA. For your charts, are you using the bid, ask or mid point price to do your general analysis? I've found that my prices on forexDotcom (they now have the option to have charting in bid, ask or mid price) in the US are not lining up with the prices with whoever your broker is for these videos. Everything is fairly close, but in trying to find entry points and double confirmations, the WAY the charts are presented can make for widely different prices, and therefor lower my confidence that I actually have a double confirmation. Does that make sense? Googling just returns "it doesn't really matter" and that always makes me question the validity of that answer. Thanks again!

  3. Looking at USD/CAD it is coming into some trend line resistance, there is bearish divergence on the 4 hour and a cypher pattern that started back on September 6th. In my opinion I think we will be seeing a drop down the the 1.292 over the next 5-8 days.

  4. Hey really amazing videos and tons of knowledge to benefit from.
    My question is regarding the AUDUSD pair, cause during the last week , each time market went near the 0.7143 area I was having a sort of BULLISH BREAKOUT bias and never got a view regarding selling it there because every time price was reaching that area it had comparatively good bullish candles. As we can see market tested the level and rejected from there for the first 3 times , but before the 4th time when market rejected from there, at what point in time did you feel confident that it is good opportunity to short rather that look for a breakout.??

  5. Do you use metatrader 4 or 5? If you have you checked the $2400 expert advisor ninja route mt5? I made some backtests and it brings crazy positive results over longer periods of times (more than 3 months) I just wanted to know what do you think, if that is possible or if I should be cautious with such great backtesting results.

  6. Aud usd going bear, only good news coming out of oz is commodity prices, coalition goverment lost majority vote on saturday night, housing market is about to colapse, and rba basically said there holding interest rates till 2020. Trade wars with china n usa also effect aus in a big way seeing that a ton of our exports go to china.

  7. Audusd is still respecting the Fibonacci levels on the bearish move from 08/08/18 to 14/08/18 on the daily timeframe. And now it is about to reverse from the 123.6% to 161.8% level. I hope it does make the move since I'm shorting on that one ?

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