1. I know the last few analysis videos have been a bit rushed compared to previously, due to time constraints. In next week's video we will make use of the public holidays to take this as an opportunity to have an extended video where we clear all the lines from the chart and redo all the analysis so new subscribers can follow the rationale behind every single level and we can remap the analysis to make it tighter and more prolific.

  2. I followed a few guys who teach trading. But no one else knows how to attract attention, how not to be "dry in the subject" and make it fun. You are always positive and passionate about trading what drags people in. And what i like most is that all your videos are very simple to listen and easy to understand – very HAMAN! Keep the good work NIC! Bless

  3. Is there any myfxbook proof of this concept of trendlines and pin bars? The market of buying selling is one of large speculators accumulating in low volume periods using economic environment to provide demand supply to move the market … i gotta tell you some of your "trendlines" are actually accumulation NOT demand/supply thus trading them as major "support/resistance" is as useless as any price point on the chart. Im guessing you have accepted the fact your system or any system for that matter, can at best be 60% correct and this is after the fact of controlling the risk within the trade itself.
    Sorry i know there are many out there but if you know how to trade meaning 3:1 per week meaning $millions per year why would you teach it? To brag? To help strangers? No you just wouldnt youd help friends family and start charities but you wouldnt give secret away.

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