1. very nice strategy and explanation congrats! but you dont use stop loss? you say in the vídeo we need to know how to enter and exit, but if the trade goes against us when should we close were should be the stop loss? should be on the next resistance or suport? thank you for sharing your knowledge with us happy new year!

  2. Great video!!! I just started using MT4 on my laptop but I have to pull up a screen to close out the trade .. you did it so fast how did you close out the trade ? It looked like you hit something at the bottom of the screen

  3. Pretty good. But it takes no time and energy to watch the economic Calendar and News. Never trade without it and also use Bollinger and your favorite Indicators, especially the Accumulation/Distribution. This is the best way to avoid Market Making, emotion, and gambling/chance. The FIRST thing to do though, is trade, practice, trade , and practice!! You HAVE to develop YOUR second nature and instinct. YOURS!! Use minies to have some skin in the game. Then increase by .05 after you have earned $20,000. I’ve found that trading more than .30 is a point of diminishing returner if Scalping. Etc etc etc. ?

  4. The only thing i wished i knew when i started trading Forex was the importance of having a strategy. that is my only regret because i blew a lot of accounts naively oh well all that is in the past now, over time using The Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy has been going really well for me it has 60% win rate which is very good for me, just google it.

  5. Video Summary:
    Bigger the TF more reliable the Support and Resistance line.
    Real TF is not 5 min S/R levels.
    You see Real TF at 4 hour levels.
    5 mins S/R lines will eventually be overridden by 4 hour S/R lines. So if trying to profit sell try to find a resistance that coincides both on 5 moon and 4 hr level etc.

  6. Hi
    I like your videos very much and I want to say thank you for taking some of your time to explain to so may of us who want to learn the right way to do profitable scalping. Great videos.

  7. I know it's because 90% of all traders and learning novices think they can make 20-40% monthly roi (or even more) and be able to sustain it long term. It is possible I suppose but you would need to have a lethal drawdown and I seriously don't think most traders have the stomach for it once you are trading for anything more than a small part of your monthly paycheck.

  8. u r real teacher i m big fan with ur first videos i subscirebed and now gonna watch ur whole videos bcs i like live profit tips and trick and for those who offline teaches tradings they r totaly scammer

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