1. Forex is a scam..Did anyone notice that the leverage they offered has nothing to do with your rate of return , but the amount of margin you put down as deposit before entering a trade position.. This guy is correct… They then play against your margin when in stocks you can suffer a drawdown and still win out on top… any drawdown with forex is an excuse that they are protecting your balance when they are protecting their interest. ALSO THE platform MT 4 has a backend plug in that can be manipulated and tweaked by the firm to exploit your position… This rich guy is only giving you guys Heads up.

  2. Fundamentals mean Jack shit; The holy grail is speculating what moves the big boys (banks) are going to make, and being a feeder fish off the sharks. Place entries where they run the stops.

  3. I'm not a Forex trader, but it's clear to see that based on what you said everything is a scam, you can also lose money trading stocks, futures and options and even when it comes to Forex its still about risk management. It's not about what you trade it's about how good you are at it, I think the only part that I'd consider a scam when it comes to Forex would be all the fake mentors and courses or sketchy platforms, but besides that if you trade Forex with the right risk management you'll make money, you won't be able to buy a Ferrari but you'll be able to quit your job and that's coming from somebody who trades stocks and options and doesn't find Forex appealing.

  4. Scalping on a 1 minute chart has nothing to do with governments or economics. I have a solid strat which fails about once per week and succeeds the other 15 to 20 times. When it fails it hits a stoploss which is lower than most people would use, but I make so much on the other trades it’s still ridiculous profits. I don’t know how much of a scam fx is.. I know there are a ton of people building scams off of it and the ads are so annoying. I do know that you’re wrong about needing to know all that other stuff, because ta with use of stoploss on small candles has nothing to do with any of that

  5. This guy with the Ferrari is nothing more than a slick talking salesman trying to show off his toys and get you to sign up with his stock trading program so he can make money off of you. His analysis about the forex market is so faulty that it doesn't even take an experienced financial instruments trader to see right thru it. First, I'll point to one of his misleading statements: "Forex is a scam because there is no central exchange". Of course there's no central exchange, because currencies encompass the entire economics of a country and are made of many different liquidity providers; not just a central exchange containing a specific listing of companies' worth in the market. The guy also fails to point out that, just like in Forex, you are not dealing directly with the main epicenter of transaction exchanges – in both cases you are using brokers to invest your money into these main trade sources. Secondly, this guy claims that because of the difficulty in understanding the outside influences behind the forex market, that people just rely on technical analyses, that makes it an unsatisfactory way to make money. Newsflash: there are also many influences that determine a company's stock price like lobbyist groups, political favors granted, rumors of actions to be taken by a company, legal threats, future expansion plans or plant closings, consumers' perception of the company etc., that influence that company's stock more so than the hard numbers such as P/E ratio, net income, liquidity figures, net capital, shareholder investment numbers and so on. Basically, Ferrari guy's opportunity analysis should be taken with a grain of salt here.

  6. I have yet to find a legit forex trader guru on Youtube. All of them use MLM or Rapper style of "stunting". Especially Americans. Americans are morons when it comes to trading. Forex is much more popular in Europe than in USA. Trading forex is legit, it's those mentors, bucket shop firms, EA's, signals that are fake.

  7. Yes forex is a scam but so are you. Some advice. If you want to be taken seriously end the "look at my expensive car Tai Lopez" pitch. That's always a proof positive sign of a scammer.

  8. Ask your self a simple question, do you know all the underline reasons why the graph spontaneously and without notice changes direction because if you do not then you cannot do anything other than guess the next trade period. Thank you. If you claim that your trading system is the reason why you win more than loose, then you are claiming that you know all traders and how they trade and for how much and for how long and can exactly predict the natural economy fluctuation affects on the forex markets. regards Hayden

  9. Thanks for sharing your view. But as a pro trader, I never say that forex is a scam. But yes forex can be similar to gambling to those players who don’t work with regulated and trusted platform, don’t make proper analysis before engaging in trades and don’t basically structure their trading plans. I am working with a regulated platform, an Australian broker, AAFX and it is helping me so that I can. earn sufficient profit.

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  11. You CAN make money from forex and indices if you take the time to learn and study how. It's not easy but not impossible. This video is providing false information.

    Far too many people think they know. The simple fact is, don't stop learning otherwise it is you who will lose out.

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