1. This video reminded me of how I struggled in the forex market as a rookie, glad I got acquainted with the brokerage services rendered by my trader Leon Marceli. His years of experience in the field has created a steady passive income flow for me

  2. All you need is a good forex trading expert, who has a well defined strategy and is well experienced. Trading on your own and making profits is more like an impossible task. I traded on my own for up to 6months with no profit. But in just a few months of trading with Mr Edward Thompson I have been able to recover all my losses and now looking good for profits.

  3. Great vid , s/o to all the weird haters in the comments network marketing is the easiest way to make money and FOREX is easy too if you take advantage of the education simple. Money attracts more money ; everybody is trading weather it be you trading your money for money or trading your time for money

  4. I am going to take my time to write this comment although a lot of you guys will probably not take the time to read it. My name is Manny Bueno my instagram name is Mannybueno_ . I am 26 years old, hispanic, married, 2 kids. I say that to to put into perspective that I am not a "young" market to appeal to as I saw in one of the previous comments. I am a part of IM & the first thing I want to say is that YOU DO NOT have to be apart of IM to trade Forex. Trading Forex is 100% free.
    There is nothing easy about trading Forex. If trying to make profit out of a 6.6 Trillion dollar market was easy, the world would be rich. The market actually loves new traders with no type of knowledge because they just dump their money into the market. However I honestly believe joining IM makes the learning curve NOT EASY but a little less intense. I've come to notice that there are two different types of people join IM.

    1. The person who only wants to recruit people & take signals & have no care in the world about actually leaning the skillet.
    2. The person who actually wants to learn the skillset, learn how to trade, sees the value in the Forex market.

    I have been with IM for about a month, trading Forex about 7 month. When I was first told about IM was when I decided to learn how to trade Forex on my own. I said the same thing a lot of the people say, I DO NOT want to be apart of a pyramid scheme especially being a part of Primerica when I was younger. The $225 they were asking for to sign up I deposited into my trading account. Blew it in about 2 weeks while trying to learn on youtube. Deposited another $150, blew it in 3 weeks. Still trying to learn on youtube. Deposited an other $100, doubled my intital deposit & blew it again. Mind you I was studying like a mad scientist charts, videos, books, etc.
    7 months later I told my friend I was down to join. I went in knowing a lot already to be completely honest with you. Decided to join this company is 100% about who you sign up with. A lot of people could careless about you, your financial goals, your expectations, your personal problems. They sign you up & throw you to the dirt.

    IM is EARN while you LEARN system. You can be profitable while learning how to trade with their educational platform & products instead of loosing. To be honest its only a matter of time before you get your sign up fee back depending on your deposit. Mind you, your profits are completely based on your deposit. There are traders placing $5, $50 lot sizes, so you can not compare your profits to theirs. And when I say profitable, anything that is not loosing is profitable. $5 is profitable, $10 is profitable. If you have money in your debit card when you wake up you will have the same amount if you don't spend anything, compared to possibly waking up an extra $10 in your trading account. Forex or IM is not a get rich quick scheme in any way shape or form, & whoever told you it is. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. Your engagement and consistency determines your success in this company, just like in any other area of life. If you go to the gym & do a half ass workout, you will have half ass results.

    The recruiting side of the business is 100% optional. What ends up happening, at least on my team & on my side. I can only speak for myself. As you make profits & you do make money off signals, you want your friends, loved ones to do it as well. If 3 people join your team, you never pay the monthly fee again. Using their signals is "EASY" because you simply copy & paste. Every trade obviously doesn't win, but they are about 85% accurate. As I was saying when you win trades & even make a withdrawal with your profits, you want your friends & loved ones to take advantage of it. As I said speaking for myself, I want to present this opportunity to as many people as I can. The feeling of simply filling your gas tank with profit & not using your paycheck to do it is amazing. Paying for your lunch or possible a family dinner becomes unreal. So as the days/weeks pass by, it does not become about the money. It becomes about the impact you can possibly have on someones life. A lot of people never heard about Forex. Forex has been around scince 1971, but we haven't heard about it till now !!!! I just noticed how much I wrote lol.

    I have a lot more to say but I do not want to make this essay longer than it is. Speaking for myself, & my team we provide a lot more value than simply trading. We are honestly changing peoples lives personally on a day to day business not involving money. As I said my information is on top. Anyone can feel free to DM & I would gladly touch base with a phone call/facetime/zoom.

    Thanks for reading & have a blessed day !

  5. well i think she's not really explaining this forex thing, she's probably just recruiting, in 2020, as a newbie for you to be profitable in forex, you need to start trading with the true strategies out there like the ASH STRATEGY that got video tutorials and a mentor you can learn from.

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