1. Man you have single handedly changed my forex game. I am relatively new and learning fast. At first most of your advice was too obscure and difficult for me to relate to. But as i started making serious gains and unfortunately losses and analyzing things deeper, beginning to feel that genuine dissatisfaction with the quality of indicators and other bullshit i realized just how incredible your stuff is.

    At first its bewildering abandoning all the stuff. It really throws you for a loop. But WOW man when it clicks.

    To anyone watching who may be new and skeptical because this guy goes against the advice of many. Keep your skepticism, its healthy, but just know that i am getting mad results. I only have a FRACTION of the algorithm and im already making profits. But more importantly, i have a DIRECTION that gives me real confidence in progress.

    That video about the banks. THAT one alone took weeks to really sink in what it means. Its one thing to understand what is said and another to put your money behind it and undo all your other perceptions. But THAT right there was the single biggest change to my perception.

    This whole channel is gold. The beauty is its obscurity, the banks WANT people to give them results so they can get better at screwing you over. This is why outdated indicators suck! PUT IN THE WORK, if an athlete must train to star in a race, you must backtest and forwardtest indicators like a monster, VP WILL GIVE YOU WHAT TO LOOK FOR. As you progress little things he said that you did not understand at first will start to show themselves for the TRUE GOLD he is giving.

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to truly 'understand' and manipulate indicators? This skill is the gold man! its like getting a golden egg versus making them yourself, as many and as large as you want should you put in the time.


    Its like forex is a forest and i had a shitty knife. i know i would make it eventually but its demoralizing to think about. VP's videos are like getting my hand on a massive chainsaw and compass. CARVE YOUR OWN PATH.

    Long post, but THANK YOU for the $$$
    I am so damn glad i put aside my skepticism early, it definitely wasnt easy to go against the conventional wisdom

  2. I receive an email analysis based on chart patterns prior to the opening of the Tokyo, London and New York sessions from my broker. Upon reflecting, I have noticed that the predictions provided are incorrect over 75% of the time. Luckily, I have NEVER relied on these to inform my trading. After watching your video on Forex Chart Patterns, I will unsubscribe from this "free" service provided by IC Markets. By the way, have you covered or are you going to cover Harmonic Patterns. I have also had terrible results demo trading these and believe the success rate is less than that for chart patterns, even though I have been using The Harminic Indi which is pretty good at identifying these patterns.

  3. I KNEW this stuff shouldn't technically work in Forex. I just didn't fully understand why. Now, not only that but I have a vastly different perspective on the small stack of Forex trading books I may have wasted money on. That's why I am wondering about more of the contents of this rabbit hole, and man, you may have just saved me months of bulls*** trading practices. This is such an entertaining and rewarding channel. So many thanks

  4. It's good I'm new to forex and didn't learn all those shitty patterns and japcandles. I started learning forex two weeks ago and I decided to do it in the NNF way. The next 6-12 months I'll dedicate myself to this. Hope I'm not mistaken. 🙂

  5. You’ve saved me from 10 years of trying to learn these things. Bat pattern, wave, flag, wedgeee,, lines, and inverted body parts patterns. They are of the Devil. Thank you so much for the VP way! VP way of trading or bust!

  6. Man, VP, you are getting some pretty good wraps! There are even some YouTube forex'ers, how do I put it nicely, mimicking you. Highest compliment apparently. I think the best thing you do is summed up here. Specious reasoning is rife in forex chart pattern interpretation. Ugh! If I just had a dollar every time candle patterns didn't work I wouldn't need to trade. I think the BB's mastered the manipulation of this notion a while ago. Where's the video on the "Suckers guide to chart patterns"?? Oh wait… they're everywhere. Keep it up bud!

  7. I am Taking a Tech Analysis Certification Course for Stocks (wish there was one for Forex) and they Love their Chart Patterns, this is Really Gonna mess Up My Exam… lol… Just Kidding, Least Now I Know to Keep the Patterns where they Belong…. Thanks Again VP…

  8. In simple: This is always a game of chance, trading is not guaranteed from one minute to the next; hence, patterns, lines, and indicators will not work all of the time — or most of the time. I agree: Why do many who have been enrolled in expensive trading courses fail? Why is the gaining ratio so low? Why do YouTube mentors knock each others technique; chant, chat, and wax personal? Why do ultimate mentors as Anton Kreil knock others, whilst he explains from the depths of reality? Why is this all a scam, sham, and spam? Why do fake, frauds and phonies march fervently forward?

  9. I still think its better learn everything including chart patterns. Good indicators work most of the time, but certainly not all of the time. Similarly, most chart patterns may not work, or may not work all the time, but that doesn't mean they never work. It doesn't hurt to have extra knowledge. We should know about good indicators, candle patterns, chart patterns, also news (yes i know), to increase the odds of winning. What important is to use these with caution. Keep the ears open.
    But your advice is certainly valuable and worth thinking about, VP. thumps up.

  10. VP… the shock value in your raw honesty gives me hope. Thank you for being the light at the end of the dark tunnel! If Forex was a country I'd vote for you to be President! Well done (as usual), keep keeping it real man! -Thanks, Chris

  11. I think the big guys with the big "smart money" know that we are all trained in the same way, so they treat us like a casino, let us win a little to stay hooked then rip us apart and do the exact opposite of the pattern most of the time so that they stay ahead.

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