1. Ricky is not making close to $7mm in a year. Idk why he embellished the truth. He makes a lot of money by people buying into his courses, but reportedly averages $500-$1000 a day trading for himself. (Mind you the last I checked he does not release his trade sheet, so it isn’t verified how successful of a trader he is.) Personally, I think he is good at trading UGAZ and DGAZ despite a lot of speculation.

  2. I got same attitude be as the BLK guy not materialistic stress free happy content and don't envy those who have more than I do. Unimpressed with expensive clothes, shoes etc

  3. Money is everything. It can give you a massive freedom if you have lots of cash. Money can give you a huge confidence and that's make you a happy person i guess .Behind all stuff money is playing a tremendous role.

  4. The delivery guy seems more content with less, classic tale of how money can’t buy happiness. Nothing wrong with making a lot of money and being set finically just make sure to keep family, friends and love at top of your priority.

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  6. Money Means Opportunity. Case Closed.
    ~Money can't buy happiness, but it can open the doors for so many things. Without money, your options are limited.
    Yes, people don't need to be millionaires to live comfortably, but when life happens, are you prepared?
    You may be happy now, but for how long?
    Work harder and smarter today to build for the future. I dunno about the delivery guy, but I know that Ricky aimed high since high school and studied specifically for the stock market; it paid off before he turned 25 years old.

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