1. I have spent a lot of time watching other videos on candlesticks never commenting on any until now, I learned more in the last 15 minutes then I did watching all of the others combined. Articulated very well and I wish I had watched yours first. Truly is the ultimate guide for beginners. I appreciate it and look forward to watching the other videos you've done.

  2. I'm forever grateful to James menald, he has changed my life and I want to tell everyone out there I'm well stabled and satisfied all thanks to James menald he has proven to be the best manager.

  3. This video is amazing! I clicked on it expecting it to be like all the other videos, taking 15 minutes to explain what a wick is with no real substance. But this really blew me away. Thank you for sharing. I especially liked that you said that places of resistance are places where the market is more likely to continue in the trend of the market, and not necessarily where the market will continue in the trend it had before.

  4. Great video. Very good information here. Everyone keep in mind at the beginning when he is describing the green candle stick, it could've went high first then low as well. High first then low back up to a higher close shows possible buyer strength. Going low then High and back down to close could be a sign of sellers gaining momentum. Thats' when you have to dive into lower time frames on the charts or if applicable literally watch the candle form on a 1min chart.

  5. OMG MY HEROOOOOO!!!! I've read some material, sat through a few lectures, read a book, and watched other youtube videos, and OMG….this video right here IS THE ICING on my forex cake! LOL! I love how you break it down and I enjoy your energy, makes the learning process feel lighter. Amazing! THANK YOU!

  6. Wishing you and your love ones nothing but happiness and good health for being honest or more helpful than 99% of the other videos I've came across… And please keep doing this positive energy out positive energy back in.

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