1. When you say that you dont trade with more than 2 points of spread, you mean 20 points (2 pips).
    If i'm wrong (very possible) could you tell me (PLEASE) what your broker is and if it works in europe

    Thank you!!

  2. Should I or should I NOT use stochastic indicator? Because in video: 6 Forex Lessons Ive leraned After 10 years of failure, you are saying that only EMA and trending lines are helpful….

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  7. A trade which is shut down within 10 to 15 pips is called
    scalping. It is a comfortable type of trading to most of the traders. On the
    other hand traders can take the taste of profit without analyzing the market.
    FXDirects is always active in providing support to the traders.

  8. I have unconsciously became a scalper.. I noticed I am more profitable when doing short trades with high leverage.. I thought what I was doing was illegal until I searched for it and knew the term "scalping".. I love being a scalper!

  9. Your not supposed to hold long positions on crypto right now it's a floating asset. Calls strikes and buy's are to call at the lows and puts at the highs. It's still a developing security class but can easily be bought and sold for a profit right now on the buy low sell high principal. You don't want long positions on this volatile equity right now.

  10. Damn bro… I literally know all these techniques and strategies in forex. I just cannot figure out how much money I am ever spending or risking in forex. I just cant seem to figure that out. I've been doing good with my demo account on metatrader 4 but never know how much I am ever risking or putting in ?. How do you guys know?!?!?!?! So simple yet it frustrates me

  11. From among trading elements to me the lower spread is the best trading tool which help the traders of earning good amount of money.That’s why most of the Forex traders in especially the scalpers prefer the lower spread broker for their trading. As a scalper I also choose the ECN based broker called ForexOne because they give – narrow spread from 0.4 pips, wide range of trading bonus and instant execution.

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