1. Great vid! I had the gamble mentality at beginning, made a lot of money and lost it all.
    Now I focus on my strategy and work on earning small but consistent income from trading.

  2. Great video. I am about 3 years into my trading career and overall have lost money. I do well at times but lose more times than not mostly because of my own emotions. I can relate to all 6 lessons but I refuse to give up and know it is just a matter of time before I become successful. Thank you for publicly sharing your experience, it helps people like me realize I can make it as a trader.

  3. Dear sir, it is gem video real diamond each and every word is naked all time TRUTH. Sir what you learned after 10 years of trading i did it within 6months of trading loosing 20000 INR
    I have learned each and every situation what you have described here.All new comers must watch this video

  4. Nearly 2 years I've join Forex. However, the 10 lessons he talked in this video, I just ignored it. And that's why. Thanks to admin for this reminder. I'm very appreciate it. ❤️

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