1. There's a lot of risk in online trading, but when you're trading with the right person it does it all . Sincerely I've been trading with one person for a couple of months now and I've recovered alot , so be careful and goodluck!

  2. Hi Karen.
    do you take volume of any kind into consideration in your personal trading? and if so would you be a doll and enlighten us please.
    thank you for your consideration.

  3. Aaaaaaaahhhhh I missed the eur/USD short!!!!! Is there a way I could of been the 100 pip move today? I know you dont like answering these questions, but can you give me something?

  4. My strategie is buy in up trend and sell in down trend . I just follow the trend and try to find out where the price is surfing, on wich moving average. If I see flags appearing than I open a trade.

  5. Should I choose 1 or 2 strategy and stick to it or should I examine pairs with all strategies. I'm afraid over analyzing and end up with trade nothing because the result is contradictory.

  6. Lol 3:04 "meaning don't do, what everybody is doing." This is very true. My mentor says the same thing "dont just trade any normally looking pattern like head & shoulder. But the ugly unpopular head& shoulder where the second shoulder is also a triangle pattern, Is the head & shoulders that's not normal, and amateur/the mass traders don't trade/do.

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