1. Janna, It's better to keep your live trading like before than mostly with market analysis that popular out there! As this make me watch your channel more, only market analysis make things so boring. Thanks

  2. Thanks for your interesting analysis again. Can I ask a question about the trade on the flag pattern EURUSD @0:36? At what price did you place your entry order? There was a little false breakout to the downside just before the real breakout. This might have triggered your entry and stop order a few hours later, resulting in a loser.

  3. So for eurusd just wait for possible consolidation then put both sell stop and buy stop below or above respectively to determine if market moves up or down. Presuming that I'm looking at the next movement points you hightled I'd use those point as level to take profit while planning stop loss based on my risk. Thanks again Janna!

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