1. Now let's not confuse trading stocks and owning stocks to CFDs which are just like forex (you trade something you don't own) And also there are penny stocks you can start with low capital… The main reason forex is better is that is 24/5, and also the volatility is bigger… Trading stocks is limited to day-trading if you want quick profits… And requires way more reaserch and work in general! That's why I stick to forex too, for the freedom and less work ?

  2. Ha ha Etienne, your experience with earth quake is same like mine. When I first came here I was so scared when the earthquake happen. Water in the glass starts to shake. But worry not, I believe almost all building in Taiwan was designed with withstand earthquake.

  3. I've not seen the full video yet , i'm at 5:00 , but this may be the first time you don't go into some creepy street may be.
    Etienne , seriusly , sometimes you go into some streets where it looks like someone is going to rob you at any moment.
    Anwyay , always a pleasure to watch your videos , keep it up !

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