1. Thanks alot for helping us that cant afford most of the online courses…hope for the best….wish this is finally it…I have been searching for a mentor …hope ur my man bro

  2. I started with the Money Management playlist out of interest although I know nothing about Forex. But I must tell you, that was a hell of a very good ride. Understood the core concepts and the relevance of money management. Now, I'm where I should be. Thanks for your work!

  3. You're different than all the other mentors. You're real, honest and actually value time over money. You have the right mindset and the right way of going about making these videos. You don't sell things, you dont fake things, you give us the honest and sometimes tough truth. Which is the only thing that has ever helped humanity evolve. Striving for something better is good but unless you put the effort into building on a solid foundation of truth and facts your tower will always tumble. Unless you get lucky. Do the work, and do it your way people. Work on the foundation until it is perfect.
    Dont copy unless you have enough of an understanding on how to improve upon someone elses work and truly know if it's gonna work out for you.

  4. dont know why, but came across your U2be channel today and are wondering why you doing this, I learn ..nothing is free on this planet, but the sun goes up for free!
    I will try to follow Potcast and Core concepts, because i am nosy …one never knows ..perhaps I found a gem ..the worse, I can waste my time..thanks anyway..hope i find that i am missing for so long time

  5. I just came across your channel today and just 10:58 seconds into this video all I can say is HOLY CRAP THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't tell you how relieved I am to finally come across some no bullshit content. So again: THANK YOU!

  6. Morning
    Thank you for your effort
    If you can just put some number near to the title to know how to watch all the videos like 1, 2 ,3, I kind of watching video in disorder, my notes too? I started with the first video that you posted
    Thank you

  7. Just wanted to share how much you've helped me. I started my trading journey towards the end of last month and lost $500 in my demo account after watching all the other Forex Gurus on YouTube teaching candle stick patterns and everything on the Dirty Dozens list. Then I found you, and after trying to implement your teaching this week I've regained most of what I lost. You are doing huge service to our community and I for one greatly appreciate it.

  8. Hey No nonsense, Just wanted to add my thanks for all the great material you put into this channel. Your the first channel on Youtube that really extends into the "Reality" of Forex and what it's about which I do thank you for and will be watching all videos for knowledge to better my trading aswell sharing your videos with friends to spread the word.

  9. Hey I just want to say I’m soooo happy I found this when I decided to go back to trading I been trading for 4 years a good friend put me on with forex and it’s been on and off with forex like a relationship lol because honestly I didn’t want to pay money every month for this academy’s as I know a lot of friends do to learn more and I gotta be honest I was following this channel for awhile but I didn’t pay attention and I regret it not going earlier to listen to alllll this free information nothing but love for this channel

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