1. That breakout is either going be out the opposite end as we seen with the typical Indecision candle reversal signal or price can continue moving in the direction of the trend. See how the indecision candle acts as a continuation breakout in the example shown here. this indecision candle provided a good opportunity when you use IQD Momentum strategy(LUKASZ WILHELM)for the trader to jump in on this bullish trending market.

  2. Thanks for the quality of your content. I have a question in relation to this matter. Sometimes OBV and RSI give two opposite picture. For example, OBV shows a confirmation of a good uptrend with price action but RSI shows a divergence? As a swing trader I wonder how to interpret these indications?

  3. In my own experience, the most important levels that traders should look for to trade this signal are the following:
    -Support and resistance levels.
    -Supply and demand areas. large percentage of traders with all levels of experience, even mores so the newbies – spend far too much time glued to chart, learn this system and Live your life, not been a slave to the charts. website (iqdtrades. com) you can search it and get a perfect ebook on stock guide for beginners.

  4. Bro even I don't know you but 1 thing is for sure yours video is great but if you do your thing more carefully than no one like you , don't waste your time for making video's, please don't take me in other ways…… thanks

  5. Thanks your videos helps a lot, Sir kindly make video on how to apply or draw highedddr high and lower low, perfectly. And sir the yellow dotted line draw automatically or you have done it….

  6. Wow great stuff. Thank you! Learning a lot from these videos. One question, can we apply these techniques of OBV+Price action on crypto market also? (I just use simple volume indicator and never been able to use it for my benefit as I am new to trading and learning stuff)

  7. Really good quality explanations! Tx- Wonder if you are familiar with volume spread analysis (Wykoff) and if so, what you think of it? They are looking for volume spikes around S/R and then looking to trade in the opposite direction. I am sure I have vastly oversimplified..

  8. I agree OBV is usually the most useful volume indicator for trading. But it's not so useful on low-float microcap stocks which can get sudden huge volume spikes … totally distorts OBV! Take a look at a daily one-year chart for symbol $OTIV … is OBV showing bullish divergence now or is it just distorted because of recent huge-volume days?

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