1. Thank you so much for this video, please confirm if it can also work on shorter time frames for intraday or scalping strategy, could you please also make a video on how to actually do a combination of the ATR with these indicators for a trailing stop loss.

  2. Indicators are good for worst traders. If you check it accurately each indicator has more false signal then the good signals. Moreover there are no standard parameters at all, each parameter needs to backtest with the ea optimization.

  3. Oh Man, you are my savior. I have been looking for this kind of an indicator for so many days and finally found it here. Thanks a ton, keep up the great job you are doing. You give incredible amount of information and value to new traders like me. Looking forward to more of such knowledge…… Again thanks a ton…..

  4. Thanks for sharing. It will be another good tool to help us stay longer in the trade or exit when we should. Thanks! Can you use the Chandelier Exit in day trading too and if so what's your favorite parameter? Still the 12, 22, 3?

  5. One of the most exciting indicators I have seen. But what inputs should we use on Chandalier in Cryptocurrency Markets?? Since open market days are different from stocks and there are more volatility?

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