1. Michael Melissinos doesn't afraid to share his trading results. Small account traders want to earn more every month. But Michael's result shows, +13.5% in 2019 and negative for 4 continuous years. I appreciate his openness and perseverance.

  2. Noting to do with greed. If you make a lot of money it does not mean you totally understand the rationale behind this. There only 2 people who are worth of listening so far: Mandi and Navin. Don't waste your time on others.

  3. In my trading journey, I went from fiddling with strategies and indicators to learning how to develop a strong trading psychology. I'm really glad I discovered your channel. I keep realizing its more of a mindset battle than the actual strategy. Your mindset is what will determine if the strategy will be a winning one or not. Thanks for all the inspirational videos. Now I keep believing my dreams can actually come true.

  4. I've been knock by my entire circle for this decision. Starting from Zero…that's just chapter 1…today I thank the world for opportunity to reinvent my future.

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