1. I'm an absolute newb. Haven't placed one trade yet, don't plan on making any real trades until I've demoed for 4 to 6 months. I've been interesting so kinds of forex information and when I saw this and you explained what it was, I was all like brilliant! I got it for away. Very powerful tool thank you for sharing.

  2. thank you so much
    you have no idea how long i was looking for an indicator like this BUT does it work on MT4?! where can i download it for MT4?!

  3. I have gone through 18 JAN 2019 NY Session and observed on Eurusd where it was just trending down from 15:00 till 16:45 (30 PIPS DOWN). I wanted to understand if you say fail breakout happens and then reversal happens, now keeping above pair in mind what would have you done? I was waiting for breakout which never happened for almost 120minutes/2hours.
    Based on 15h time Frame when shall we enter the trade? If you could make another video in detail would be great

  4. Thx for sharing this info. I have 3 questions : 1. After Asian session or Europe session, how do I know whether to go long or short ? 2. Is this strategy is beneficial on eurusd pair only or other pairs are recommended too? 3. How can I download this indicator to the platform which I use i.e. MT4?

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