1. I wanna start trading so I have some actual money in my pocket since I'm a student. I don't have a ton of time since I'm super tied up with school and extracurriculars. Any tips on how to get started and how much time I should be putting in?

  2. Every forex trader should know this very important rule in the forex market "NEVER RISK MORE THAN 10% OF YOUR BALANCE IN THE TOTAL DAY TRADE". I learnt this from an expert trader Mr Jacob Henderson.

  3. All it takes is great assistance from a professional or an expert to help and assist you with your trading. Listen to my story to successful trading on forex. I started trading like a year ago and invested lots of money, but I ended up losing all my money, then I had to borrow money from my friends but still didn't make any profit. Then each day at work I keep complaining about how I lost so much in forex, until my boss at work recommended to me an expert trader by the name Edward Thompson, I took his mail from my boss contacted him and told him about my ordeal and he told me not to worry that he trades for people and at the same time teaches them on how to trade on their own too, after which he told me how he operates. I was glad and had to borrow another money despite being in debt already. My first investment with him was $5,000 and after 7 to 10 days if my investment I made more than triple of my investment. Then I invested again and made another profit, since then I don't know what it is to lose money on forex trading anymore all thanks to Mr Edward Thompson. And now I trade on my own.

  4. Yes, I use to doubt also, But I am now part of the testifiers today because the success rate stated in every testimony about Mr Nasser Mustafa trading strategy is true, I made $52,540 out of $2750 using his trading strategy.

  5. Special thanks to the trade good himself Mr Maayan ahmed Thank you sir for helping me attain this great height with your amazing strategy, indeed you are a saviour, i have made nothing less than 18,976 USD weekly just like you assured me sir, God bless you more sir.

  6. Avoid loosing money to fake story tellers and get it right, it might take a few Mistakes but consistent profits can be made from trading forex, all you need is the right strategy and proper risk management.

  7. As a beginner i was finding it hard to earn even after watching most trading videos i never thought i could ever earn untill i got my first profit through Erin,All it takes to earn is good guidance

  8. Thanks guys…this video has opened up my mind on how you can strategize when trading…am a beginner and I've learned a lot in this video…can you guys help me on how I can trade on a phone if you don't have a laptop?..the app is a bit confusing

  9. Day trading forex will increase your chances of making a lot more money on the Foreign exchange market. I earn between $3,400 to $4100 per week trading with my Mentor, Mr Jordan Arnold. Working with him has really increased my trading level, i feel a lot more confident making some trades.

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