1. Hi ed i have been using different methods over the years, price action naked trading, ichimoku,tops and bottoms only.indicators, and all the rest ,don't get me wrong they all have their own merit's and some times good results. there is always that little bit of doubt ,However i always skipped and dismissed heiken ashi thinking no way it can't be that easy. i recently came across a heiken ashi template with the 14 ema ,rsi ,and channel surfer indicators i always wanted to trade the daily for higher profits now a month later i look at the daily and other time frames for best entry enter by the two candle sticks and the 14 ma rule and sit back and wait a few days and judge by the daily .any guess work is eliminated when i get board waiting for the trend to finish i simple go scalping on the lower time frames for a few trades , so i noticed your vjd on you tube and think you explained this strategy well Thank's and may good luck always be with you

  2. Great little strat Ed. Thanks. The only thing i'd like to comment on are the examples with the black background/blue ema. Makes it quite difficult to see what you're talking about. A white background would have been spot on.

    Thanks again.

  3. Very similar to the strategy I use, I personally trail the stop using the Parabolic SAR indicator. I also have a take profit level too, so even if it turns against me I'm never going to lose more than I win (in the long run)

  4. Thanks for the Video Sir .
    Sir few doubts .. 1) Is it compulsory that the candle before our two white candles ( which meets the conditions ) must be red ? or even if its also a white and next 2 meet our criteria , can we take the call ?
    2) As per your criteria second candle have to close above the close of first [longs] – then we could only take the call at the 3rd candle ? [ if we place a pending order for the close or high of 1st – the price goes high and our order will execute – But what if at the end it close below the close of 1st ? ]

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