Short and medium term impacts of Australian bushfires

Following the recent bushfires, intensity, size and media coverage; I expect some significant side effects on some investments: obviously insurances but also construction materials, an overall increase again of Australian construction costs, and with more scrutiny and red green tape, a smaller release of new suburban lands.
It could also be affecting in the short term the GDP; increasing it as new rebuilds are happening so maybe lessening the RBA urge to reduce interest rates.
We need to put figures on that.
We can also expect a new orchestrated urge to “fight global warming”, so reduce competitiveness of Australia and lower A$, maybe even reduced export of coal due to voters pressure while benefiting EV, solar,wind, or maybe even uranium here if the Uranium lobby plays well.
Also an increased radicalisation on both sides of politics here

I do not want this thread to become another GW one, the facts is that whatever Australia does will not affect any climate change ever assuming it is human caused and/or CO2 emission linked so no, the fires will not stop next year nor in the next 2 decades if the Greens take power
SO let’s watch this from an investor’s view


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