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OL Group commenced operations in Australia in 2012, with an expansion into the South-East Asian market (primarily Malaysia) commencing in 2015. OL Group initially provided its platform for free to institutions and the general public and generated revenue from learning design services. In September 2017, OL Group restructured its operations and monetisation strategy to operate as a software as a service (SaaS) business whereby it would charge annual license, support and hosting fees for its platform to education providers worldwide.

The OL Group continues to develop and operate its proprietary global cloud online learning platform (OL Platform), which enables education providers to design and deliver both accredited and non-accredited courses, micro-credentials and degrees. OL Group derives revenue through:

(a) operating the OL Platform as an SaaS;
(b) offering learning design services to education providers that utilise the OL Platform (Design Services); and
(c) student acquisition for course delivered on the OL Platform (OL Marketplace).

OL Group has iteratively developed, deployed and tested its approach, model and technology over the past 7 years in high-income and emerging markets, with a diverse range of education providers, including top-ranked universities in Australia, training providers in the United States and government departments in Malaysia.

It is anticipated that OLL will list on the ASX during December 2019.



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