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    trading is so much profitable with Mark. he has made me a lot profits for the last 5 months

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  2. awesome stuff, as always, just watching the replay and wandering: would Yearly Pivots carry the same weight and have the same logic of use as monthlies…probably, of course they would, then, wouldn't a failed 'moo' on Yearly pivots possibly be a thing? so below 1475 gold still going for 1427

  3. My Dad said " Do what you have to do, then do what you to do." Your "Give me 3 reasons… for a bias" has become part of my routine. I allow few people to influence me. We are listening! Thank you.

  4. Thank you Wayne for the demo – demonstration, use-of, the "linear regression channel" function in the toolbar (around 19:19). Gives such a perfect visual perspective of trend over an exact # of days, hours, or weeks –however far you drag it. You're able to see the exact bar where it's slope changes or flattens from bullish to bearish and vice versa, besides defining the mean and extremes. It's pretty awesome.

  5. Hi Wayne joined the swing trading group a couple of weeks ago and learnt so much watching the training videos, unfortunately due to work commitments I generally have to watch the weekly swing trade video on Friday but just wanted to say that I am much more confident now and I am learning to be patient and disciplined. Thank you for all that you do it is very appreciated.

  6. Thanks, great video. I don't know if its just me but a lot of the time the comments section doesn't even load for me and im unable to leave one. Anyone else experience this? Happens about 50% of the time…. even if I try continually refreshing or waiting a couple hours.

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