1. Hi Etienne…. Is there a walk through anywhere for the meta trader 4 telegram notifications……. Was literally trying to come up with a solution ….. Thank you mate ?

  2. Hey Etienne, great video! I also use 'Prowl' which is an app ($4.99?), in which you can use the Tradingview generated alert email address enter it into Prowl (website) and it pushes your alerts straight to your phone with any notes you've made. I normally have them set to different timeframes, with price crossing an ema, trendline etc. and make notes of SL/TGT etc. Has worked really well for me so far. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Chris

  3. Hi Etienne – Would pivot points on high timeframe be sufficient at identifying the major zones. Otherwise could you just identify all the zones and hardcode them manually in your script. Just a thought.

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