1. after soo many videos on TA, I'm now looking at the fundamental side of trading. what i've noticed though, is that when good or bad news comes out, it doesn't necessarily move the market in the "right" way.. meaning, retail sales could show higher than the forecast, but somehow the currency still drops. 🙁

  2. What is the difference between U3 & U6?
    as we see before everymonth NFP release … how can we understand which one is U3 and which one is U6?
    how it's effect on the market?

  3. 17:13 " surpassing the predictions…. and yet you still have weakness……selloff EUR/USD ….." hello, you're trading EUR/USD which means yes, the US dollar will go higher, and the Euro will decline, exactly where the market went. You are trading the inverse of the pair because it's EUR/USD not USD/EUR, and you are going by the US economic news/results, which will benefit or penalize the quote currency, in this case the US dollar.

  4. Oh no! Dang! I was loving the video but then this commercial started to spool up. My internet comes through a straw and spooling is a big problem. Thumbs up for the presentation but thumbs down for the video.

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